Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and just loves to sing, especially with your guests!
For the past 40 years Santa has been available for:
Home Visits
Caroling Parties
Corporate & HOA Parties
Photo Studios
Holiday Festivals, Fairs, Parades & Tree Lightings
TV Commercials
Business Promotions
Even Christmas in July or ANY time of year!

When Santa is on vacation his favorite place to visit is Indiana, especially Indianapolis!
You might just catch Santa at the Indy 500 or the Indiana State Fair!
Children love to listen to the many stories told by Santa!
Both young and old, children are amazed at some of the 'tricks' that he uses
during his stories to bring the magic of the North Pole to their event.
Santa often takes elves with him on visits... usually Ash and/or Noel...
both completely controlled in voice and movement by Santa.
Santa even has a reindeer, Tiny, that comes to help Santa, especially during photo sessions.
Santa loves to send memories home with the families in the form of both photos and videos...
in fact, he is available to do virtual visits or Elfies (a video Selfie).
Santa has large selection of different outfits and props.
You will not be disappointed when inviting Santa to your gathering!!
Santa books up quickly!
Book early or opt to be a bit flexible with your date & time!
Use the gold button above to select Santa for your upcoming event!

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