Central California

Performer # 1469

Santa Claus

Santa's beard turned pure white when he turned 30!
A sure sign he was destined to enter the Claus family business!
Upon return from service in US Navy, Santa grew his hair, beard and heart and headed straight to the North Pole!
This Santa enrolled into the most prestigious Santa School in the world to learn the Claus Family secrets of top rate service to families and businesses.
Santa continues his studies and education all year to keep with the trends and give you the best visit ever!
Santa loves to share time, giggles and traditions with the little ones, adults, seniors and special needs visitors who want to feel the magic of the season.
When not at the North Pole, Santa enjoys spending his time in Central California,
a refreshing alternative to the snow and cold.
Santa serves the City of Oakland, Concord rotary and many pre-schools
when not busy with corporate parties and home visits!
Santa would love to be invited to your event!
STORYTIME with Santa
SING ALONGS for all ages (on key or off - it’s all about the FUN!)
ELF TEST – to gather any lost elves back to the North Pole

Santa invented this popular dance that everyone knows and loves!
COOKIE EXCHANGES (ok... cookie tasting!)

Santa is willing to travel to your event!
Clean background and fully insured!
Book Early!! (or consider being flexible with your date/time)

Merry Christmas! Love, Santa! Click on the gold button above to reserve Santa!

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