Be A Better Santa Online Course & Videos Instructions: Watch each Unit, in any order, as many times as you like. Watching them in order as listed is best. Be sure to mark each Unit as "Complete" as you watch them. The Green circle with a check mark shows those Units you have marked as "Complete".

Module 1 Be A Better Santa
Lesson 1 Becoming Santa  
Lesson 2 Santa Basics  
Lesson 3 Santa Bleach  
Lesson 4 Santa's Beard Makeup and Products  
Lesson 5 Santa Suit 1 - Discussion  
Lesson 6 Santa Suit 2 - Demonstration  
Lesson 7 Back In The Trailer  
Lesson 8 L.A.S.H.  
Lesson 9 Walmart Toys  
Lesson 10 Wet Diapers  
Lesson 11 Working With Children With Autism  
Lesson 12 Santa Communication and A.S.L.  
Lesson 13 Spanish for Santa  
Lesson 14 Pets  
Lesson 15 Weekend Magazine - Susen Interview