Completion of BABS Course

Congratulations! You have completed the BABS Course!

Download your Certificate of Achievement Here

Santa! You have now completed studies to BE A BETTER SANTA! 

CONGRATULATIONS! You are well prepared for general Santa Visits!

Your visits for friends, families, church & school

will now be so much more prepared and enjoyable for you and the guests!

Of course, every visit is different and you'll learn things

you'll want to change and adjust at every event.

Applying what you now know and getting experience

will continue to make you a better Santa!

BEing Santa is a journey of love! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

You will truly "Make This World a Better Place" with your time and talents!

The Santa Visits USA Team and Santas BELIEVE IN YOU!

Now that you understand the basics of being Santa Claus, you may wish to increase your knowledge and abilities with some very affordable, effective and useful courses related to expanding your Santa career. Santa Visits USA offers additional courses February through October. These are fun group Zoom sessions. You can attend one class or select the 3 or 4 package progressive package. These packages cover a topic such as performance, children, business, costuming or other Santa industry topic. Classes start at $25 for one course.

Packages are discounted so well worth the investment. 

Please CLICK HERE to be taken to the Master Performers Continuing Education program.

Santa Visits USA Team looks forward to supporting you through your Santa career!

Plan ahead! Now would be a great time to explore the FULL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE of joining a group of great Santas for the Annual Professional Santa Claus School Conference. Get the information to review and think about. The conference happens every Labor Day Weekend in Denver, Colorado. There are 4 different levels you can select from to attend. Once you register, you'll be added to our active group. We have 2 live meetings a month with all attendees. You have access to 38 workshops and daily educational shared information. Learn more by visiting Santa Claus School page. You can fill out a form to have a packet emailed to you with comprehensive information to review. Join us for the PSCS FUN! Most attendees, in their first season,

after attending PSCS will triple their seasonal income.